Monday, January 31, 2011

The above quote summarizes well how in today’s world we perceive women. For example, every advertisement on television is trying to brainwash mostly women me into buying their product. In many cases, these products somehow enhance my looks or a part of my body. To make matters even worse, the woman who usually advertises the product look a certain prototype chosen by the media that I should aspire to look like. Does that mean we are easily brainwashed or perhaps that mean we are weaker sex that is easily influenced? Because I rarely see products that are geared towards men.

I mean this is just one example, but I am sure there are many more in every aspect of our lives.
The message I get from this quote is that every woman should appreciate the act of cultivating her own path. I hope women like me are out there, who cultivate their own path, and let’s celebrate how unique we are.

With this quote I leave you to ponder what it evokes in you.

Lips of Lotus